Your Travel Center combines unique, personalized service with industry strength to provide the best possible travel options for its clients and Independent Contractors. Established in 1972, Your Travel Center has continuously served as a client-focused, internationally-recognized travel company with an enthusiastic and unique team of specialists working with only the best travel partners.

Founders, Phil & Louise Emrich, began Your Travel Center in 1972 to serve the residents of Santa Barbara, California, and eventually sold to Colin Weatherhead in 1995. Between 1995 and 2001 the company grew to 16 offices stretching from Pismo Beach, California to Tempe, Arizona. With this growth came client and supplier recognition which solidified Your Travel Center’s standing in the communities it served.

Forward thinking and an eye for business led Colin Weatherhead to another decision in mid-nineties. Long before others in the industry saw the independent contractor model as a viable business option (in fact at a time when most contemporaries found it to be an aberration), Your Travel Center began a hosting division for Independent Contractors and smaller agencies allowing them to flourish and grow. This foresight coupled with a very strong management team dedicated to long term success, enabled Your Travel Center to grow from $31 million in sales in 1995 to $48 million in sales in 2000.

Today, Your Travel Center operates five offices with locations in California, Nebraska and Arizona and serves over 500 Independent Contractors and agencies throughout the United States with sales in excess of $150 million. This growth stands as testimony to Your Travel Center's ability to adapt to ever-changing industry trends and a business model summarized by Colin Weatherhead's personal philosophy, "If our independent contractors are successful, we are successful."

With this in mind, Your Travel Center pledges to remain innovative. It’s this promise coupled with its outstanding reputation for fairness and dependability that sets Your Travel Center apart from others.

"Only when our independent contractors are successful, are we successful" - Colin Weatherhead


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